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Site updated August 29, 2016

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"God's Country" oil painting"Changing Pastures" oil painting"No Shelter In Sight" oi painting
God's Country
"Changing Pastures""No Shelter In Sight"
"Headin' Home" oil painting
"Trinchera Bugle Call" oil painting
"Generation Gap" oil painting
"Headin' Home""Trinchera Bugle Call""Generation Gap"
"Saddle Pals" 0il painting"Nearing LaVeta" oil painting
"Longhorn Vagabond""Saddle Pals""Nearing LaVeta"

"A Day On the Chisholm", oils"Desert Storm", oil painting
"A Day On The Chisholm""Desert Storm"

"A Wet Sunrise" oil painting"Range Rovers",oil painting"Slicker Time", oil painting
"A Wet Sunrise""Range Rover""Slicker Time""A Pheasant Surprise"

"Nuchie Nashoba", oil painting."Winning Colors", oil painting.
"Autumn Of An Era""Nuchie Nashoba""Winning Colors"

"Time Out For Winter Sports", oil painting
"Flushing The Bobs", oils on aluminum"Winter Glory", oil painting

"Time Out For Winter Sports"."Flushing The Bobs".."Winter Glory"

"Silent Vigil", oil painting"Reluctant Prodigal", oil painting"Sunlight & Shadows", oil painting"High Travelers", watercolor
"Silent Vigil""Reluctant Prodigal""Sunlight & Shadows""High Travelers".

"A Four Flusher", oil painting"Saddle Worn", oil painting"Is This Trip Necessary?" oils
"A Fourflusher""Saddle Worn" ""Is This Trip Necessary?"

"Mountain Retreat", watercolor
"Teton Morning", oils on masonite"Mountain stream", oils on aluminum"Season Of Color", oil painting

"Mountain Retreat""Teton Morning""Mountain Stream""Season of Color"

"Abandoned Adobe" oil painting"The Bradley Place", gouache on masonite"Chalk Cliffs", oils on aluminum"Colorado Magpie", oils on masonite"French Castle" oil painting
"Abandoned Adobe""The Bradley Place""Chalk Cliffs""Colorado Magpie""Frence Castle"
"A Bend In The River", gauche on aluminum"Yellowstone Wonder", oils on masonite"Monument Rock", oil painting"Herding His Harem", Oils on aluminum"Falling Leaf", oils on aluminum
"A Bend In The River" "Yellowstone Wonder" "Monument Rock""Herding His Harem""Falling Leaf"

"El Rafon" Pastels on Velour Paper"Sima" Oils on masonite"Breaking Trail", Gouache on aluminum"Will Rogers" Oils on canvas
"El Rafon""Simba""Breaking Trail""Will Rogers"

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